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About us

PURENN - Pure North Nature

The power of nature for your home! 
We believe in power of nature, that keeps us inspirited! 

We believe that everything we create from natural resources after use should be able to return into nature without causing any harm. This way we express our gratitude to nature for everything it has provided us with. So we make sure that we put the right attention into synergy of effective cleaning features and  natural based plant extract scents that do not pose a threat to people and the environment. We create feelings!

We are manufacturer of certified, effective and ecological household washing and cleaning detergents, proud of its 100% clean, fair and ecologically friendly active ingredients.

Product development process and responsible producing draws  inspiration from nature and  we value  actions that are in balance with  nature.

We manufacture all our products in our own facilities located in Jelgava, Latvia, EU.

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